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6 a.m. Heart Ablation: Revolutionary Blogging Free Verse

November 16, 2014

My heart
is hyper-active.
Didn’t you know that?
At about 6 a.m. tomorrow
Dr. Wang
will run a catheter near
into my heart.

He will scar me
from the inside
so the dance
that my heart has done
for decades
will stop,
and I’ll finally
Doo whop

Can you imagine me
with more energy
and life
than I have

That’s what “they”

The only question I have is this:
Is this the best way
to let people know?Pericardium lift-- turn of the century heart surgery


How Can You? Romantic IMprov Poetry

July 18, 2011

How can you make me laugh
in the midst of romance?

How can you take the cold, clammy fear
in my hands, feet and forehead,
and turn it into emotions flaming up
from deep in my heart?

How can you take my tears of pain
and, in a few words,
make me weep with joy and relief?

How can you make me miss you so?

How can you hold me
and rock me gently to sleep
with just a few typed or spoken words?

How can you, with the skill of a cardiac surgeon,
open up my chest
and expose all my innermost hopes,
dreams and feelings…
without hurting or scaring or bruising my heart?

How can you, when my heart aches
and when butterflies dance nervously in my stomach,
reach across the hills, lakes and rivers
and apply soothing balm,
calming the butterflies
and soothing the aches?

How can you make my brain remember
every nuance of your scent,
every wisp of your hair,
every touch of your hand,
the feel of your skin,
your curves,
your breath?

How can you do that?

Frag’ nicht warum.
Sei einfach froh,
daB es ist so.