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A Sonnet To White House Burgers: Revolutionary Email Sonnet

June 1, 2016

Some thought them lowly burgers,/
but the company they kept/
elevated these patties much higher/
than any cow had ever lept.

Over the moon they flew,/
then back upon dinner plates./
Cheeses! Cheddar, Swiss or bleu!/
Seasoned to the taste.

The decor is historic/
in this intimate dining pub./
Yet at this lake aire White House/
the food is never called “grub”.

Whether in garden room, bar, or dining nook/
this cuisine gives a break you’ll be glad you took.*
*this cuisine deserves a closer look.

Why No Burgers For You, My Son: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Poem

May 4, 2010

No burgers/
or biggie fries./
No teryaki bowl/
of any size./
No fish, or steak/or pizza, 2./
Not even a salad/
or bbq./
The word from mom/
is: “Not ’til dishes r done!”