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When She Leaves: Romantic Blogging Haiku Lament

May 22, 2016

When she at last walks/
out of your life, you learn there’s/
no one to share with.


Unshared Sunset – May, 2016 – Lake Winneconne, Wisconsin


Too Late Understanding Howl: Romantic ImproVerse Free Verse Poetic Lament

September 21, 2015

Tonight I howled at the moon,
where I had once gathered firewood
for us,
for s’mores,
but now there will be
no more.

Howling and
screaming and
I couldn’t see
through my tears.

Then I pulled off
the road and howled
some more as I watched
my dreams
and visions
and hopes
and the waxing moon
disappear behind a giant cottonwood tree,
until the Union Pacific’s
low moaning whistle
drowned out my own howling
at the moon
and the dreams
that had disappeared.

And when I was done,
when my howling had ended,
I drove long and slow
down that old swamp path,
eye and eye nearly swollen shut,
caked with dust
that had dried up
in these desert fields,
dried up and blown away,
not like a dream deferred,
but like a vision
and a hope
sacrificed on an altar
of obedience
I wasn’t quite ready
nor prepared
to kneel at.

Dinner Time Time: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

April 11, 2014

Does she really think/
a mere dinner will give us/
enough time to know?

Break Up Silence: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

June 5, 2011

I thought breaking up/
through email was awful. No./
Silence is much worse.

Coffee Cups Lead To Break-ups: Romantic ConTEXTing Poem

June 9, 2010

My coffee cup collection:/
A sad reflection/
of women traveling freely,/
who now go on without me./
When U flew back 2day/
I had 2 say/
I wasn’t bugged/
U 4got a mug.