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2 Get Love Equation: Romantic IMprov Haiku(s)

February 15, 2016

He was so shy, love/
was impossible for him/
without her boldness.

Don’t be so shy that/
love’s impossible for you/
without their boldness.

Imagining Spooning: Romantic ConTEXTing Poem

January 4, 2011

How would it b/
2 spoon/
from moon/
2 noon/

2 caress you,/
2 b blessed by you,/
listening to your contented sighs?/

2 b bold enough/
2 hold you soft?

I’m Not Getting Any Younger: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Rhyming Haiku

June 18, 2010

I, older than you,/
frequently get told that, too./
So I become bold.

Post Prayer Pondering: Romantic ConTEXTing Poetry

March 25, 2010

2night, late,/
my prayers said,/
I laid sedate/
alone in my bed,/
and mulled and pondered/
things that she told,/
and again wondered/
if I was 2 bold,/
or just honest.