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Cross Training — What If? Revolutionary Blogging Free Verse Poem

July 2, 2015

What If? Cross Training–

You know the way
we have coaches to help us
when we work out
or diet
or do physical activities?

“Just five more reps!”
“Come on, you got this!”
“Looking good!”
“Only a few miles more!”
“The view is worth it!”
“You feel better about yourself
when you feel better!”
“You don’t need that cookie!”

And when we post
And boast
about our weight loss,
on Facebook,
or we show
a photo
of us,
everybody tells us
how FABULOUS! we are.
“Lookin’ good!”
“Wow! What a stunner!”

Is that all I am to you?
My body?
A piece of firm
(or not)

What about the rest of me?
The who I am?
What if we supported each other like that
with everything?

Intellectual: “You’re reading Walden??
“Come on, just one more chapter!
You got this!”
“Finish him up,
Then move to Whitman!”
Trailing clouds of glory! That’s YOU”
“You know you want it! Go get it!”

Creative: “That song you wrote?
I listened.
It’s awesome!”
“A poem a day?!
You’re amazing!
I want a sonnet for me!”
“Your words flow!
“Just try one more!
You can do this!”

Interpersonal: “I know you don’t
agree with them.
Kill “em with kindness!”
“Tell me what you’re thinking.
Let’s work together on this.
You’re so good at this!”
“You can change the world!”
“Baby steps!”

Professional: “You finished three spreadsheets?
AND the business plan!?!
How do you do it?!”
“I know you’re Smart enough!”
“You can do it!”
“Just one more hour on this project. YEAH!!”
“You’ll have it locked down!”

Spiritual: “You visited three families this month?
And helped them?!
You’re a role model!”
“Let’s get after that reading and meditation.
You’re doing a half hour?
Push it. Push it. PUSH IT!!
Go for an hour.
You got it! you got it!
One more verse!
One more prayer!
Feel the love! Feel it! feel it!”

Natural: You watched Jupiter and Venus collide? You ROCK!
“I’ve never seen the moon until you showed me
the way it can be.
You’ve opened up the heavens to me.
You’ve uncovered fields of flowers for me.
I never SAW until you showed me your vision!
Keep doing that.”

“Come on! You know you got this.
Push it! Push it harder!
See yourself showing others! ENVISION!
Open up the world!”

And on and on and on we could.
If we would.

If we’re not going to be satisfied with ourselves,
and each other, physically,
why should we settle for being
“just good enough”
in ANY other area?

Push me. Come on!
I can take it.

Just don’t just tell me
I’m overweight.


Here We Go Again — Another Misguided Love Poem Object: Revolutionary Iambic Poem Lament

April 22, 2015

I had heard
his rhyming words
espousing how glor-
ious he thought his love.
How she was sent from above.
How she was his true lover.
How he could not imagine another.

And now,
he takes up his pen
and again
speaks of his love, sweet.
How she is so neat.

And though this one
is maybe not as fun,
she is not the bummer
as was his love of last summer.

So what am I to believe?
He scarcely took time to grieve
his previous girl
whom (he proclaimed to the world)
was sent to him.
Did she become some whim?

The even deeper question
to this public indigestion
is: Where comes the need to publicly proclaim
about a latest passionate love and flame?

I don’t even want to look
at such posts on Facebook,
because I know I’ll read there
about some new love so true and rare.

Just like we all did last year
about someone who was thought equally dear.
Why does the poet yet again
(as he did back so earnestly then)
feel the need to shout
publicly out
someone he’s now crazy about?

(And it’s not just him.
Many others, seemingly on a whim,
positively state
they’ve found their true mate.)

(And we knowingly smile
and wait awhile
until the new romance starts to fade
like morning dew in a sun-drenched glade).

Why don’t such lovers, instead,
(knowing how emotions so oft are mislead)
watch, wait and see
if the new “we”
(this romantic she plus he)
can make that commitment
which is truly heaven-sent
for eternity?

We can, (and should) I suppose,
publicly disclose
when we are fond of one,
how we, together, have fun.

But to loudly and publicly proclaim
“She’s the ONE!” seems a bit inane.
If this is indeed a love so rare
why not be quiet and keep it hidden there?

At least until it grows and blossoms forth.
At least until love has truly run its course
and we’re ready to shout “S/he and me
will now be us for eternity?”

I, for one, have my doubts
that such proclaimed “true love” will last out,
(just based on experience;
knowing how other ones went.)

Of course, when we hear such a new boast,
we could, I guess, prepare a generic post (or toast):
“OH! You both make such a cute pair!
You and [insert the new love’s name here____].”

That is not at all to say
that the poet should be silent. No way!
We may, in messages between us
expound our full love beyond what ever was.

Such private notes of sweetest passion
put us in Browning’s and Tennyson’s fashion.
Some lovers may in the future find
hope in our quiet proclaimed love divine.

But to place such words out for all to see
Feels like love (and such thoughts) come cheaply.
That it doesn’t really matter who:
We just need someone to publicly woo.

Call me a jaded cynic.
Perhaps it’s true.
But I’ll not mimic
exposing my love to view.

At least ’til I know, and am sure
She’s the one who I’ve searched for.
Then, it would seem quite right
To write a sonnet for our wedding invite.

Writing for the Thousandth Time: Revolutionary Improv Blogging Poem

February 18, 2011

CyranoWriter posted his 1000th blog post Feb. 18 at about 8:50 a.m.As I stare again at the blank blog screen
and post for the thousandth time,
I wonder what I should make it mean?
What sort of message deep and sublime
should flow?
Where should I go?
(Or should I even rhyme?)

In two years I’ve written
romantic poetry;
complaints about people.
Thoughts revolutionary.

I’ve taken a thought
and tried to cram it
like hot metal wrought
into a form iambic.

Or sometimes it’d do
to raise words like winter’s first
crocus: write haiku.

Or a slant
No rhyme.
Angered words
spewed forth
on a slam’s


Words captured snowflakes.
Children, parents, family.

Social situations that seem so complex as to defy all logic yet somehow sometimes I’m able to laser-clearly see and cut through all the crap and dross and rhetoric and just

All these have been written about.
All these forms were used.
And I am, this early Friday morning,
Not thinking as sharply
as I have.
As I could.

But I want to finish.
Want to post.
Want to pass that milestone,
and maybe boast
a little.

Those who have read
know I write, often,
of love.
Usually unrequited.
Sometimes fulfilled.
Often wah wah wah
as when I started this journey
five years ago.

who inspired me
won’t even know.
She never thought I’d go
this far.)

I thought I might
of that love,
and thank all the muses.
But I won’t.
They’ve received their thanks
(when they’ve recognized it was for them
the words flowed).

what I’ll,
at last,
write of.

Love and gratitude.
Though some may not approve,
to me,
He exists:
My Father.

He lit the fire.
He gave me belief.

He opened my eyes
to see,
a world fantastic
beyond measure;
a world I’d always seen,
but never chronicled.

But then
He gave me pen,
and said “Dream.
And write your dreams.”

And I have.

And my heart has pumped blood onto the page.
And my mind has seen visions I never imagined.
And my soul has been twisted and shaped and opened and moved and grown in ways painful and strange and wonderous and wonderful and fulfilling.

And I am grateful.

I’ve posted one thousand poems.
Now I am going to go shower.