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Planting Phermones: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

December 5, 2010

Can phermones, like seeds,/
be planted and nourished so/
they blossom and grow?

To a Rose At Last Blossoming: Revolutionary Blogging Improv Sonnet

August 28, 2010

A friend wrote a poem in a new blog, and then wondered about her poetic ability. This sonnet is in response (and is also on the comment page to her poem).

To a Rose At Last Blossoming

Roses don’t blossom
quickly, like the daffodil, tulip,
or dandilion,
only to fade just as quickly away.

Instead, they rise from a bushes,
born years before.
The older the rosebush,
the sweeter and longer lasting the blossom.

People glance at rosebushes in winter,
comment on their plainness;
their brown sticks protruding through dead mulch;
their ugliness, deadness, and thorns.

But when rose blossoms at last spread their color’d fragrance,
Humankind is blessed, touched and inspired by true beauty.

A Rose, Alas, Unnoticed: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

August 1, 2010

We all stand in awe/
of the sweet rose bloom we saw/
too late to respond.