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I’d Forgotten It’s Because It’s What I’m Supposed To Do: Revolutionary Blogging Free Verse Poem

November 25, 2018

It’s been so long
since I’ve done
what I should do,
that I’ve almost forgotten
I’ve almost forgotten
I’ve almost forgotten
who I am.

Because I became
because I did
what I was asked.
Because I struggled
even when the words
weren’t flowing.

Because often
the mere fact of
doing the thing
that you’ve been told to do
is what you need
to discover
and maintain
who you are.

So once again I launch
back into my Obama-era goal:
and blog
a poem
or prose piece
each day.

The words may not be
or deep
or moving.
Or they might be.

Most importantly,
they will be
and are
who I am
and who I will be,
so as long as I write
and post
and am,
I exist
much more deeply
than I ever did before.

Maybe that’s why I feel
as though I’ve gone
into hiding.

Look out!


Thinking About Being Thoughtless: Revolutionary Improv Blogging Poem

October 2, 2010

Sometimes I have
things to say
that stick in my mind,
and won’t go away.

And sometimes the things
I realize,
and the understanding,
get supersized.

I’ve made someone,
through my carelessness, cry.
I understand how.
I understand why

the tears flowed.
But I don’t know
why my actions

Maybe I AM thoughtless.
I don’t mean to be,
but I guess
my actions betray me.

And if my history repeats again,
as it certainly will,
others will ken
the pain of my thoughtless pill.

My forgetting to call
when I say I will.
My checking out
to follow a thrill.

Whatever the reason,
it will happen once more
to each in their season:
of that, please be sure.

The risk is great.
But my caring is greater.
You’ll just have to wait:
Thoughtlessness has no regulator.

In the meantime I hope
you’ll experience near constant caring.
For that, you won’t grope:
it’s what I’m always sharing.