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To ASIA: Writer of “300 Love Letters”

January 31, 2009

(Google-Search for “Love Letters”; You’ll find 300 Love Letters)

My heart trembles;
Your colored patches swirl,
Each a love letter
Written by you stranger, girl.

Some go to unknowns.
Some to friends.
Some to those you go home
To at the day’s end.

I wondered Google-
searching for Love letters,
If there were any more pure;
Any more unfettered.

So young. So strong. So spirited.
So wreckless.

Getting off
the sofa of your youth,
I envy you, yet know
I have finally followed that lead.

“Too Silly”, they’d said.
“Too stupid,” they rehersed.
And so I’d waited for years,
Anxiety getting worse,

Until after half a century
I’d walked to light, from shade,
Away from that she
Who’d always been obeyed.

Away, it seemed to some,
From responsibility!
(No, I’m not that dumb!
I still have mouths to feed!)

But wreckless, myself,
I’ve started writing;
Taken my feelings off the shelf,
To tell what I delight in.

Asia! Your love letters moved
Into my soul and mind!
I wondered who was wooed,
Or wowed; who thought you kind.

Did your quilt of patterned color
Bring you joy?
Bring you a lover?
Or was it just a toy

For you to let your emotions out,
If you had to do it over,
Would Asia write them again?

Would you, faceless she,
Probably less than half of my fifty,
Ever think positively
Of sending a love letter to me?

It doesn’t matter.
Because writing you
this love letter
Makes me feel more better!

It moves away some guilt
That maybe hundreds, thousands?
Have felt
Because they didn’t, with their own hands,
Write Asia a love letter.

The world has 300 Love Letters;
and now that I am done,
for worse, or for better,
you, at least, have one.

(A poem! No less!)
And, now that it’s through,
I must confess,
(although I’ve never met you,)
I feel better.

Love, Dave