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The Poetic Artist versus Insecure Egotist: an IMprov Poem

January 26, 2009

There’s a femme fatale stunner I know…
and now that my confidence is no longer low
In my mind I’m empowered
to gather up flowers,
and see
if she’d like to see
where it will go.
Because I don’t know!

But there is a problem
I’ll admit.
And I don’t quite know
how to address it.

For some time
I’ve fantasized
about touching her back,
her neck,
her thighs!

As though that would be a solution
to my internal turmoil
and Revolution!

The solution was there
in my mind all along!
I just had to dare
to finally sing my own song!
Care to sing along?

(Now, I just need to balance
the verbal artist,
carefully and creatively
with the insecure egotist,
so I can co-exist!)