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Four More Days = One Year: Romantic IMprov Rhyming Haiku Lament

November 13, 2014

If she hadn’t stopped/
emailing me, we’d have our/

32 Years Ago Today: Revolutionary Rhyming ImproVerse Haiku

September 29, 2013

Bring melancholy feelings/
When the meaning’s gone.

Two Old Cranes’ View Of Life: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Sonnet

July 27, 2012

Life lessons from two old cranes: Happy AnniversaryTwo old cranes /
strolled calmly down the street./
I thought it somewhat strange /
that they wandered on their feet.

They could soar on mighty wings,/
not on legs thin as rails./
But they were examining things/
close-up; exploring details.

They oozed curious serenity/
as they strolled along their way./
These two old cranes taught me plenty/
of how to approach my day.

Two old, calm cranes, enjoying life together, leisurely.
They reminded me of you: Happy Anniversary!


Silence, the Deepest Cruelty: Romantic ConTEXTing Poetic Lament

December 27, 2011

When did you decide/
that I’d /
become worthy/
of silence, your deepest cruelty?/
Why me?/
Sad anniversary:/
One week/
since the last words/
I heard/
you speak.