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Analysis Paralysis: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

May 24, 2015

When I’m told that I/
Should not analyze so much,/
I ask: “Why not ask?”
When told I shouldn’t/
analyze so much, I’ll ask: /
“Why not? Who says so?”

Taller Women, Be Logical: Revolutionary Email Prose

October 9, 2013

Several women told me “I want to date taller men, because I’m tall”. Here is my arguement back (not that it does any good, but it was a fun exercize in logic and root cause analysis!)
You say you like tall(er) guys.
SO let me get this straight. You found a guy who is:
1) able to make you laugh (how often does that happen?, especially within the LDS culture?)
2) charming (probably indicative of good rearing, and I’ll bet you’ll discover I have great manners as well!)
3) intriguing … which probably goes along with that “how often does that happen in the LDS culture?
So, although I am shorter than you (unless you wear flats and I wear stilletoes), that seems to be a “problem”.

Ok. I’m a guy, so I’m going to come up with solution(s):
a) When we go to games, I’ll either bring several cushions to sit on, OR you sit on the row in front of me. That way, I’ll be taller than you.
b) OR if we go to soccer games, (such as the Seattle Sounders, USA National Team, or Real Salt Lake games I go to), I’ll stand and cheer (which is what I do anyway) and you can sit down and be a fuddy-duddy.
c) If we go out to, say, movies or the theater, you can sloutch down in your chair to the point that I can put my arm around your shoulders. That will force me to sit up straight and improve my posture.
d) If we ever are cuddling on the couch, you can do the same. OR I’ll stand behind you, or you can sit in front of me, and I’ll give you a Famous Dave’s back/shoulder/neck rub.
e) If this ever develops into a permanent relationship, for the next 30 or so years, at least a fourth of our time will be spent in a horizontal position (24 x 1/4 = 6 hours of sleep a night… minimum), where I’m probably “taller” than you are.
f) In addition, considering that we (perhaps) both work outside the home, should this ever get into a permanent relationship, more than 1/3 of our time (9 hours/day) will be spent away from each other, at least physically (because I’d call you during the day, because that is the romantic me).
g) In addition, at least 2 of the remaining hours will probably be spent where “tall doesn’t matter”, such as at a game, or eating out, or driving, or doing something similar.

IF you follow all that logic, at least 17-18 hours of a normal day, or more, will be spent where “tall doesn’t matter. In other words, 3/4ths of the time, it won’t matter.

You have to ask yourself if you’re willing to throw away #1-3 above (and more), and the possibility of supreme happiness and laughter and romance and wonder, just for the sake of an inch during 1/4th of your day?
Oh, one more thing: I’ll make you laugh. In fact, a lot of the time you’re with me, you’ll be doubled over with laughter… which will make you shorter than me anyway.
And THAT, as they say, is the summum bonum of the discussion.

Care to reconsider? Because, although you “prefer taller men”, you probably also prefer men who can make you laugh, who are interesting, who like doing what you like to do, who are confident yet caring, who are romantic and sensitive yet insightful and practical, who have hair, who have a job, who can make you feel safe and secure by their confidence and “being”, who are charming, polite, and gentlemanly, who are creative, and who can take you places you’ve never been.
If you REALLY think you can find a taller man who can give you all that, then, by all means, go for it! But, personally, if it were me, and I was looking at that list, and I had to sacrifice ANYTHING… I’d sacrifice height. Because someone who is taller than you can “lift you higher” by a few inches.
I can take you higher by measurements unbounded.


Loving The Revolution: Revolutionary Romantic IMprov Blogging Poetry

June 29, 2011

Fulfilling a promise I made on President Obama’s Inauguration Day, to write a poem or prose a daily, I’ve now more than doubled my self-imposed quota. Thanks to the muses — known and unknown — who have inspired me, and to my friends who expressed their belief in me. Inspired by Facebook’s “The Reflective Writer”, here is my 2000th poem, combining the two main themes of this blog: Romance and Revolution.

I love
my Revolution.
I embrace
I woo
I desire

It’s romantic,
isn’t it?
This self-propelled
this analysis
and violent rebirth;
this surgery
that let’s me
and be
who I am,

Accepting change
means changing
the way we view

The revolution
heads down
from our brain,
up from our heart
and soul,
and out
our mouths
and fingertips.

But first,
we must love us
and the world.
We must romance
believing the world
needs love,
sweet love;
love is all you need.

And when we love ourselves,
and love the world,
we take that vow
of love.
We disavow
that fear
which holds us back
from revolutionary

We change
who we are,
Because we love;
Because we romanticize
Because we embrace
Because a little revolution,
now and then,
is good for the soul.

And when we create revolution
in ourselves,
we extend how much
we can love.

Years ago,
revolutionaries spoke
from Capitol steps.
It was in this hope
and audacity,
that I vowed,
to start my own
because I loved myself,
and wanted to romance
the world.

The revolution
called for one
a day.
One statement.
One thought.
One outpouring.
One lament.
One laugh.
One cry.
One moan.
One change.

2,000 posts later,
this vowed daily one
has become
my expression
of romance,
and revolution.

And I’m not done.
Join me.