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When There Is Hate, SHINE! Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

July 25, 2012

My niece Ashley, head of The Shine Project, wrote this piece about guilt after Alex Teves’ shooting death in the Colorado Theater Massacre. Her blog posting inspired this haiku:

Through the darkness shines/
what we let out, what we give,/
mostly love we share.

Weeping As Shots Become Nearer — A Sonnet Memoriam For Alex Teves

July 23, 2012

The distant theater carnage
brought remote and removed sorrow.
I felt slight outrage
but moved on to tomorrow.

Then I discover
a young man I’d met joyfully
gave his life to cover
his friend from fatality.

My nephew’s groomsman and friend
Fell as a brave man that day.
His life, at its end,
showed courage has final say.

For me, now, the shots, pain and are much nearer
because of a hero who proved what he valued dearer.
After writing this, I just read something posted by my nephew Ty Carlson on my niece Ashley LeMieux’s “Shine” blog. The link to the entire blog posting is here: http://​​2012/07/colorado-shooting-hero-in-midst-of.html
but these words from Ty about his best friend Alex Teves, who was killed in the shooting, struck me as very powerful:
“It is important that everyone know this about Alex: He was no normal man. All of the people in the theater that night went to see a movie about a superhero. What they did not know was that there already was one sitting among them.