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Two Foggy Morning On County Trunk G Haiku: Revolutionary ImproVerse / ConTEXTing Haiku

March 11, 2016

These 2 poems were as the result of this view at about 7:20 a.m.
Foggy Morning Sun, County Trunk G, Winnebago, Wisconsin near southeast of Neenah
7:23 a.m.
Even foggy and/
frosty mornings have Beauty/
if you accept it.

10:08 a.m.
No matter how grey/
and foggy our path may be,/
the Son will shine through.


What I Can’t Accept: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

February 16, 2014

She expects me to/
accept her hurting herself./
I can’t. It hurts me.

Sudden Endings: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

January 9, 2014

When the interview/
ends suddenly, there’s no use/
arguing. Just quit.

When her interview/
ends quickly, don’t argue it./
It’s time to move on.

Hear Her “No.” — Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

December 8, 2013

When I ask many/
times, and she says no, I should/
accept her answer.

If I ask and she/
says no to me but yes to/
others, I should hear*.


I Should Just Believe Her: Romantic Blogging Haiku Lament

November 4, 2013

She’s oft told me “No.”/
She has her reasons. I should/
accept, not argue.

Rejected Offering: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku Lament

August 10, 2013

I get how it feels/
to not want somebody to/
sacrifice for you.
I get how it feels /
to have someone not accept/
your kindness off’ring.

You Could Be Loved: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

February 2, 2013

You’ll accept being
objectified but you can’t
grasp being cared for.

I’d Accept: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

November 22, 2012

Why couldn’t you’ve set/
parameters where I’d still/
be part of your life?
Why can’t you set some/
bound’ries where I can still be/
a part of your life?

Packers Everywhere: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

September 29, 2012

It’s hard, but I can
accept Packers fans not born
in the Dairy State.

Finding Your Poet’s Soul: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

August 29, 2012

Everyone has the/
soul of a poet. Just look/
for and accept it.