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Demographic Shock: Napkin Poem Free-Verse Improv Poetry

October 18, 2014

This poem was written years ago — I don’t know when — at Speak For Yourself open mic night in Provo, Utah, at Enliten Cafe / Guru’s on Center Street

The napkin poem
of the evening
is caught
in demographic shock,
and so must celebrate
we, who are not celebate,
we who are

At last, I’m seeing
more gray beards,
male AND female,
with listening ears
and minds.

They bring their words
of wisdom,
words of age.
Some may rage,
but mostly we just say
lessons we’ve learned,
words we want to share,
because sharing words
keeps us safe.

Sharing words keeps us
and keeps us living,
and keeps us

Why Want More? Revolutionary Iambic Napkin Poem

August 3, 2012

Women pen poems of me;
of how I put them in ecstasy.
They write of my gentle kiss.
They rave on my perfect obelisk!

Some muse of my tenderness;
Of how I touch them; my sweet caress!
While all these women faun and adore,
what drives me on? Why should I want more?

More women who’ll write poems of me?
Of how I put them in ecstasy?
Is it because of my swollen heads?
For so long blue, but now frequently red?

Is it my ego that’s to blame?
Or is it because I NOW feel no shame?
After 20 years of self-consciousness,
of being rejected, no sweet caress,
I’m finally at last, well appreciated.
Maybe it will take 20 more until I am sated …
or sedated.

Simple Solution To Travel: Revolutionary Haiku

April 11, 2011

“How do you travel/
so much?” a friend asked. Answer?/
Make reservations!
Every year, a friend of mine takes off for several weeks and goes sailing in the Caribbean. People ask him all the time: “How do you travel like that?” His answer is very simple (and that’s what the haiku is about). He told me: “When I get home from my trip, before I do anything else, the FIRST thing I do is make plans and reservations for the next year’s trip.”

Not Important Enough: Revolutionary Haiku Lament

April 3, 2011

Elder L. Tom Perry, a Mormon Apostle, spoke at a General Priesthood meeting probably around April, 2011, about rescuing members who aren’t coming to Church any more, or who aren’t “active” in the Church. He talked about how every person is important, and that we need to fellowship them and love them. At the time, I was not in full fellowship in the Church. It was amazing (and painful) to me that I was basically ignored, especially since I’d been such a big part of the local congregation for so long. These poems came out of that presentation:
19:45 p.m.
If I’m so vital/
and important, why doesn’t/
someone come for me?

Just because I make/
it hard for you to love me,/
why stop trying to?
why are you quitting?
Why should you not try?

What happened to me?/
I worried about others./
Why am I ignored?