Canoeing The Right Thing: Revolutionary ImproVerse Rhyming Haiku

I found a canoe,/
rode it, then gave it back. Twas/
the right thing to do.
Lost and Found Canoe -- West Chickamauga Creek flood, Feb 2019

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  1. Canoe the Right Thing: Chickamauga Creek Lesson - Nature's Guys Says:

    […] I called him today: He’s a young guy. He and his wife are just starting their family. I think he was a bit surprised and excited that someone had found his canoe! I told him that I’d noticed he is a Veteran. He said yes. I told him “Thanks for your service,” and that it was a priviledge to help him out. I mean, after all, those folks put their lives on the line so we can enjoy going up and down the creek by our property. Would it be nice to have a canoe like that, that is not only stable, but that can take a tremendous beating and still be in great shape? Sure. My wife and I had a GREAT TIME using it today (before I got in touch with him). And maybe some day I’ll get a nice canoe like that, and be able to take my wife out again (and again and again). But tomorrow, a young vet is gonna come over to my place, drive his rig down a mucked up dirt road where HIS canoe is sitting in the mud (because the flood waters have gone back down). And I’ll be able to shake his hand and thank him for HIS service. And I’ll always have some photos and this poem: Canoeing The Right Thing: Revolutionary ImproVerse Rhyming Haiku […]

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