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Sunset Rush Hour: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

July 19, 2016

Nice when the biggest/
rush of the day is to catch /
a slow lake sunset.Slow Lake Winneconne Sunset rush hour, boat launch, Highway G.

Dressing Up Sushi: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

July 19, 2016

No matter how much/
you dress it up, I still don’t/
care much for sushi.
Dead carp floating with diamonds in Lake Winneconne, July 2016

Water Lily Diamond Healing: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

July 18, 2016

He hated that fight,/
old man and sea, ’til he saw/
lily pad diamonds.

Finding My Bavarian Roots: Blogging Prose

July 18, 2016

As I write this, I’m shedding tears of joy and disbelief. Since my high school days (1973-74) I’ve tried to find the KUHNS family link to “the old country” (Germany). I would take the bus during my high school and college years, during the summer, down to the Milwaukee County Historical Society, to do census and resident research.
I discovered that my grandfather George’s father, John, was a carpenter at the Pabst Theater. I learned that John’s father, Eugene, lived in Milwaukee, and was born in Germany.
So I kept trying and trying to find how Eugene “came over” from Germany, and where in Germany he was from. My research in Milwaukee — which spanned decades — always came up with only “Germany” as his birthplace.
Three years ago, I learned — through census records — that Eugene and several of his siblings had lived in Hartford, Washington County. I went to the Hartford Library and historical society, where some volunteers helped me find several newspaper articles about some KUHNS family. I made copies of the articles, but as I was short on time, I never really read them. In fact, I thought they were probably NOT related to me, because they mentioned another John KUHNS who was an early settler of Hartford, builder and owner of the “Old Wisconsin House” (aka “American House”
So I put the newspaper articles away in deep storage.
Eventually, I discovered that Eugene’s father, John, and his mother, Victoria, were buried in Hartford. At the time, I wrote this piece:
Alas, all censuses of this family simply said “Germany” as their residence before coming to the USA. I was still no closer to finding WHERE in Germany the Kuhns line came.
Recently, I pulled the articles out and brought them to Wisconsin. They sat on the bunkbed for months, as I only glanced at the headlines: “Old Settler Dead” and “Death of John Kuhns”.
Today, I brought them out and showed them to my father, who read them with interest. They talked of John Kuhns’ (Grandpa’s great-grandfather, NOT his father) life in the mid-1800’s in Hartford, builder and owner of the Wisconsin House / American House. But again, I never read the articles.
As I took them back into my room, for some reason, I decided to completely read them. I read of John and Victoria’s son Matthias, who died fairly young. I read of my grandfather’s grand-uncle, from Madison. I read of the death of “the Old Settler” John Kuhns, the first Kuhns from our family in Wisconsin.
Then I read this:
“The deceased was born in Falkenberg, Germany, in 1810.”
I stared.
In the next article on the copied page was this line: “Mr. Kuhns was born in Bavaria …. 1810 … and came to this country … in 1845.”
Falkenberg. Bavaria. Germany.
There is a town. A name. My KUHNS/KUNTZ line has a location.
OR is it THIS Falkenberg?
Four decades of research flash into a time warp of insight and inspiration, take me back to the old country, 50 kilometers east of a city I spent a cold November night in 1980.
Schwetze mi UrGrossEltern Boarisch? Wiss nid!
But my Kuhns/Kuntz family line has a home in Falkenberg, Oberpfalz, Bavaria, Germany, east of Nuremberg, near the Czech border.
And I’m in tears.
PS: In the same article: “He was married in the old country, Feb. 2, 1836, to Victoria Mormk.”
More information, a last name we never knew before.
John Kuhns of Hartford, Wisconsin, 1903 obituaries
PPS: Not so fast:’s a Falkenberg in Lower Bavaria.
Which one is it?
I guess I will have to do more research!… but we’re getting closer!

Couple In Church — (I’m Jealous!) : Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku Lament

July 17, 2016

Each touch of her hand/
on her man’s back rips like knives/
thru my jealous* heart.


Rodeo Relations: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

July 15, 2016

They can’t comprehend/
the cool factor gained having/
rodeo cousins.

The Gang Left This Morning: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku Lament

July 14, 2016

The wind howls o’er an/
empty lake. Blue reflects how/
we feel. Tucson’s gone.
Blue windy Lake Winneconne, Wisconsin: Storm blows after the Tucson gang leaves

Why Do I Love You? Romantic Free Verse Love Letter

July 14, 2016

With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning
(Written around 1996 to my wife.)
For ___ mi Schatz

Why do I love you?
The reasons seem clear to me, though
I know you, scanning the mirror,
do not always see face to face
as I do you.

Or you would know that,
as a friend, I love you as my chief,
nay, sole, confidant,the only person
to whom I can, or want, to tell my
secret desires, whims, fantasies
and dreams.

But more, you are my therapist,
helping me visualize dreams
I never knew I had,
Bringing them into focus
for us to grasp together;
helping me solve — and survive —
the problems and delusions of life.

You are my intimate, and have taught me
that joy shared is Joy realized.
Before you, fun was BeachBoySurfSand.
Now, it is rapture, bliss, joy complete,
no matter how small
(watching a sunset together)
or how climatic and grandiose
(the birth of our children).
It has taken on a synergy, where
the sum of the experience
does not measure up to the total
because you share it with me.

I love you because you give
and give, and give, and give
and though I wish you would take more,
I cannot ignore what you give
and endow so freely.

I love you because of the gift of life
you gave and are giving daily, not only
to our children
but to me.
Your selfless sacrifice
helps me accomplish
what I need to feel of worth.

Dare I say it? I love you
as a paramour
(though technically, they are only men).
You are not afraid
of dalliances with your husband,
of sending him chocolates and a dozen
red roses … or of offering your moist red roses to him, whether wrapped —
in white silk, scarlet or lace midnight —
or unwrapped, surrounded only by
your sweet perfume.
As my ship of state of mind
is battered and tossed
on the angry world seas,
you are not afraid to grab me,
pull me down and provide my anchor.

I love you for your physical beauty,
and for the extra that your spirit adds.
I gaze at you in wonder, often, because
you are so comely.
Every part of you blends exquisitely
with every other part
and then
— like frosting on a cake —
your spirit exalts the physical
to radiant perfection.

I love you because of your intellect.
Your sagacity puts into new perspective
ideas and thoughts that have confounded
the so-called wise men of our time
and ages past.
I delight in your acumen,
in our long talks together,
when I try to intellectually ramble
and you adjust, provide commentary, and
summarize in a neat, tidy package.

And I’m continually amazed at
your ability to innovate,
to think new thoughts,
and to present them flawlessly.
You’ve given me many more insights
and much more knowledge
than any of my previous so-called
intellectual friends.
Compared to you
they were like the dew
before the mid-day sun.

I love you for your gracious nature,
for your courteous, cordial,
genteel ways,
for the grace with which you carry
and for the dignity I receive when
I am with you.

Lastly — because it is
the Alpha and Omega
of our Existence —
I love you for your sanctified nature,
not only for the godly part of you
that find nuances of the SPirit
I’ve never experience and makes them
part of our thoughts,
but more,
I love you
for the spirituality you bring into
our home,
our relationship,
my life.

And so you can see …

I do love you, and though
I cannot let you see your grace, beauty
and spirit
through my eyes, yet,
I can polish the mirror
so you may see more clearly
until that day when we both
will see ourselves
and each other
face to face
and know
even as we are known.
Love, _______ dein David

An Old Love Letter: Romantic ImproVerse Rhyming Haiku

July 14, 2016

I found an old love/
letter. Though my verse is much/
better, feelings aren’t.