Roadmap Guides We Follow: Revolutionary ImproVerse Free Verse Poem

Everybody tries to give us
roadmaps for our lives.
Our friends
at the bar,
our buddies
on our sports teams,
our neighbors,
family members,
our bosses,
the garbageman,
the guy at the store.

They all have a good
of what we should do,
shouldn’t do,
and how we should do it
or not do it,
and why.

Most of these guides
are well-meaning.
They may have some hidden agenda,
some ulterior motives,
but most of the time
they just wish
what’s best for us,
and for our happiness.

So why do we ignore
that one God who loves us
He who has no ulterior motive
than our happiness
and well-being?

He who is big,
and because He is perfect,
and because he knows us better
than we know ourselves,
can give us
the advice and counsel
that will ultimately make us
beyond measure?
Why don’t we listen
to Him?


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