Making The Right Choice: Revolutionary Blogging Free Verse

I watched Santa go into/
a gas station Christmas Eve.
I wanted to say hello,/
because I know him!

Just then,
a police car
pulled up.
I turned off my radio,
went to the policeman,
shook his hand,
and told him “Thank you.”

“You’ve had a tough few weeks,
with the protests,
the assassinations in New York City,
the hate against the police.”

Choking back tears,
I said:
“I want you to know:
You are supported.
We stand with you.
You are not alone.
Merry Christmas.”

“It has been tough”
the tough cop said.
“We’ve been taking
quite a beating.
We appreciate your support.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas!”

I never saw Santa,
but as I waved to the cop
and drove away,
I knew I’d made
the right choice.


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