Don’t Be Embarrassed–> Dance Near Me! Revolutionary IMprov Iambic Verse

A friend started a poem called “Brigham’s Menace” by saying:
“As we danced
And you glanced
If anyone was offended,
None was Intended…”

To which I responded (in a hospital-post-op-drug-induced haze):

Don’t Be Embarrassed! Dance Near Me! (aka “Since when do you care what others think?”)

If disapproving looks are all you see,/
maybe next time you should dance near me.
As we get on our funky groove/
and show these other guys how to move,/
our partners will also dance worry free./

And all those others out there? /
The ones with the disapproving stare?/
We’ll just put throw our hands in the air,/
put our hands in the air/
put our hands in the air/
Air air air,
like we just don’t care!/

Because we don’t.

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