Weeping As Shots Become Nearer — A Sonnet Memoriam For Alex Teves

The distant theater carnage
brought remote and removed sorrow.
I felt slight outrage
but moved on to tomorrow.

Then I discover
a young man I’d met joyfully
gave his life to cover
his friend from fatality.

My nephew’s groomsman and friend
Fell as a brave man that day.
His life, at its end,
showed courage has final say.

For me, now, the shots, pain and are much nearer
because of a hero who proved what he valued dearer.
After writing this, I just read something posted by my nephew Ty Carlson on my niece Ashley LeMieux’s “Shine” blog. The link to the entire blog posting is here: http://​www.myshineproject.com/​2012/07/colorado-shooting-hero-in-midst-of.html
but these words from Ty about his best friend Alex Teves, who was killed in the shooting, struck me as very powerful:
“It is important that everyone know this about Alex: He was no normal man. All of the people in the theater that night went to see a movie about a superhero. What they did not know was that there already was one sitting among them.

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