A Creative’s Highest And Greatest Good: Revolutionary Email Sonnet

What is, as a creative,
my highest and greatest good?
Is it to feed the impoverished natives?
Or make their plight understood?

Or is it to elevate
the souls of men
with turns of phrases I create
which no one else will or can?

To lift, to raise ever higher
their feelings, joy and rapture?
To enlighten, move to action, and inspire
by seeing and saying what most can’t capture?

Isn’t this the creative’s highest call?
To observe and reveal grand visions to all?

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One Response to “A Creative’s Highest And Greatest Good: Revolutionary Email Sonnet”

  1. JudyStoneGoldman Says:

    Thanks for posting this on The Reflective Writer page on Facebook! What a great question to reflect on–what is a writer’s purpose and greatest good? Words like “lift” and “enlighten” are, themselves, energizing to me.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    Personal-Professional Balance Through Writing

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