Thoughts on Self-Esteem CPR — Revolutionary Improv Haiku

Clarity Point Coaching life coach Kimberly Giles gave a “Self-Esteem CPR presentation June 14, 2012. During the evening, I took “notes” (and exposed my thoughts, feelings, and learnings) in the form of Haiku and other poetry.

8:20 pm: A Godly If-Then
IF God is love and/
IF I am God’s child, THEN I/
am divine love, too.

8:25 pm: How To Love Others
When I do not need/
outside validation, I/
start to love others.

8:30 pm: Loving Vs. Fearing
Being a force for/
Love is more fun than trem’bling/
in fear. Be loving.

8:33 pm: Dancing Topless Along I-15
Smiling faces say:/
My dancing, top down, on the/
freeway brings them joy.

8:35 pm: Test versus Classroom
Life is not a test,/
a pass-fail. It’s a classroom/
where we learn and grow.

8:40 pm: What The Angel Really Meant
“Fear not” didn’t mean/
“Don’t fear me”, but “Don’t/
be scared: Christ is Savior.”

8:43 pm: What I Should Be Doing
At some aged’ point,/
I must give advice and help,/
not just grab and take.

8:45: What My Earth Life’s Journey Doesn’t Make Me
My drive ‘cross Texas –/
long, hot, dusty, stretching — did/
not make me Texan.

8:48 pm: When I Learned I Don’t Fear
At last, in a pink/
and green chapel, I fin’lly/
learned that I’ve no fear!

8:50 pm: My Perfect Life Journey
My life, no matter/
what others may say, is MY/
perfect life journey.

8:53 pm: What To Do About Bad Behavior
All bad behaviors/
are pleas for validation,/
based on fear. Give Love.

8:55 pm: I Have No Fear. Now What?
I have, now, no fear./
I trust Him. Now it’s my turn./
I should love, always.

8:59 pm: Where And What I Can Shine
I can shine my light/
in a dark room, but I can’t/
shine the opposite.

9:04 pm: Thank You, Coach
She gave me the gift/
to see my goodness, so I/
wrote her my gift back.

9:12 pm: Feeding Your Soul Diet
Feeding your soul does/
not ever fill you up nor/
make you overweight.


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One Response to “Thoughts on Self-Esteem CPR — Revolutionary Improv Haiku”

  1. birgitallen Says:

    I love the one about giving advice and help – I am just realizing that, too. A very fine older woman passed away recently, and our ward boundaries were readjusted – and I commented to a dear friend (who is also a very fine woman, older) that there were now no women in my ward I could look up to and learn from and want to emulate. She said, “Birgit, it’s your turn now. You need to be the one to learn from and be looked up to, and the one whom others want to emulate. I am not holding this torch well, not until recently, because I keep thinking, me, me, me. Which is not how to think.

    And not needing outside validation; love that.

    And especially divine love.

    Thanks, Dave.

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