Best 9/11 Memorial: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

Teach children about 9 - 11 -- Thousands of flags in memorial at the Healing Field, Sandy, Utah
The best way for us/
to memorialize is/
to do what we love.

I know it’s a week after 9-11, but … I wrote this poem the day after 9-11-2011, inspired by friends who told me they were out on their boat relaxing.
On that “9-11 Memorial Day” 2011, I:
*Visited the Golden Spike Historical Monument AND the Spiral Jetty (something I’ve always wanted to do)
*Jumped in a golden field under a dark blue and puffy white cloud sky (something unexpected)
*Drank a fresh peach shake in Brigham City, Utah.
*Visited a field of flags and a new firemen statue in Sandy, Utah

I wondered what YOU did to “do what you love” on 9-11 — to memorialize those victims — and our first responders and military — by pursuing our freedoms? You can comment here.


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