Loving The Revolution: Revolutionary Romantic IMprov Blogging Poetry

Fulfilling a promise I made on President Obama’s Inauguration Day, to write a poem or prose a daily, I’ve now more than doubled my self-imposed quota. Thanks to the muses — known and unknown — who have inspired me, and to my friends who expressed their belief in me. Inspired by Facebook’s “The Reflective Writer”, here is my 2000th poem, combining the two main themes of this blog: Romance and Revolution.

I love
my Revolution.
I embrace
I woo
I desire

It’s romantic,
isn’t it?
This self-propelled
this analysis
and violent rebirth;
this surgery
that let’s me
and be
who I am,

Accepting change
means changing
the way we view

The revolution
heads down
from our brain,
up from our heart
and soul,
and out
our mouths
and fingertips.

But first,
we must love us
and the world.
We must romance
believing the world
needs love,
sweet love;
love is all you need.

And when we love ourselves,
and love the world,
we take that vow
of love.
We disavow
that fear
which holds us back
from revolutionary

We change
who we are,
Because we love;
Because we romanticize
Because we embrace
Because a little revolution,
now and then,
is good for the soul.

And when we create revolution
in ourselves,
we extend how much
we can love.

Years ago,
revolutionaries spoke
from Capitol steps.
It was in this hope
and audacity,
that I vowed,
to start my own
because I loved myself,
and wanted to romance
the world.

The revolution
called for one
a day.
One statement.
One thought.
One outpouring.
One lament.
One laugh.
One cry.
One moan.
One change.

2,000 posts later,
this vowed daily one
has become
my expression
of romance,
and revolution.

And I’m not done.
Join me.


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2 Responses to “Loving The Revolution: Revolutionary Romantic IMprov Blogging Poetry”

  1. Judy Stone-Goldman Says:

    David (or should I call you Cyrano?) – I’m astounded! One minute you are asking about suggestions for number 2000, and the next minute (so it seemed), this magnificent poem appeared! I love the combination of romance and revolution as you brought it together here. There are so many lines I really like–

    “accepting change means changing the way we view everything)”

    “disavow the fear that holds us back from revolutionary acts”

    “a little revolution now and then is good for the soul”

    (even better, of course, with the phrasing within the poem)

    Bravo to you, for your poem, your 2000 posts, and all that will follow.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    “Word maven loves–and learns from–ordinary life.”

  2. cyranowriter Says:

    Judy: Thank you! And thanks for your inspiration. Just FYI, I grabbed the line “a little revolution now and then is good for the soul” from “Hunt for Red October” Sean Connery’s character Marco Remeus said to Alec Baldwin’s caracter Jack Ryan. Of course, he was plagarizing a letter from Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, where revolutionary Jefferson wrote “A Little Rebellion Now and Then Is A Good Thing.”
    In any case, thank you!

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