Don’t Criticize Poetry: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

I would never deign/
to criticize another’s/
poetic efforts.

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2 Responses to “Don’t Criticize Poetry: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku”

  1. hairyprincess Says:

    Well said! I always feel that poetry, like art, is deeply personal and to criticise it, is to criticise the poet.

  2. 4valentines4words4poetry4you Says:

    Hello i like this statement but feel we shouldnt critize anothers efforts as they are only trying there best i have been critised on here over my punctuation and grammar but someone quite rude .we are not all able to write in life but we all try and should just apreciate it if we like it if we dont then we dont have to read it do we .live and let live. yes someones poetry is deeply personal just like there blogs iam pleased to read this article you have written as it caught my eye and gave me a chance to reply to you .i personaly dont understand hiiaku and others things people call poetry i dont understand english and will never be able to do gramar despite trying but i beleive words are beautiful and can bring lots of pleasure and sometimes help others to. so keepp up the writing i enjoyed looking at your blog.

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