Repair: The Best Apology She Can Come Up With Explained: Romantic Improv Blogging Poetry

She stiletto heels
how I feel
about her.

The words
I send and call,
she doesn’t respond to at all.

Her excuse
is that she’s a loose
emotional roller coaster.
That’s the most her
mind and heart
can come up with?
Well, it’s a start,
if not exactly a gift.

Still, she shouldn’t be confused
and try to assign me a new muse,
or two or three,
when my main muse is primarily

Update after her 2nd response
Of course,
if she neglects
to tell me she’s in a wreck,
or even very sick,
I have no way of knowing.
Although my concern for her is growing,
her silence
makes me wince,
and shut down.

Now, I don’t know what to say
or how to even ask if she’s okay.

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