Strangely Missing A Friend: Revolutionary IMprov Poetry

I miss you/
more than you can know./
I miss you/
when I’m driving in snow./
I miss you/
underneath the moon’s tender glow.

I miss you/
worse than I thought I would.
I miss you/
although it’s understood/
I can’t grab you,/
or have you,/
or take you,
still, I won’t forsake you,/
because I miss you./

Sometimes there’s a hole/
in my stomach and heart/
that all the egg rolls/
and phad thai and pho can’t start/
to fill.
It’s like a drill/
just grinds away/
at me, day by day./

The emptiness./
The lonelyness./
I guess/
the duress/
of thinking about you./
Of being without you.

Which, if you think about it, really/
is very silly./
I mean, I couldn’t even kiss you./
And yet, I miss you./

The thoughts you inspired./
The dreams and desires/
you unfurled./
You opened up my world./
And now, seeing a new vision,/
and not being afraid of derision,/
it’s true:/
I just miss you.

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