What a Gentleman Would Do: Romantic Email Poetry

What a funny, witty
romantic gentleman would do
upon meeting a woman as pretty
as you.

He’d take a moment
do drink her all in
(with the glance of a gent;
not a smirking grin!)

He’d open the door
then stand aside
as she crossed the floor
and wowed all inside.

He’d lead her to
a quiet table by the glass,
and would do what gents do
(at least those with class):

He’d help with her jacket;
assist with her chair.
(Not to cause fuss nor racket.
It’s how a gent shows he cares!)

He’d make some suggestions
(perhaps without wine,
not wishing to dull
a visage such as thine!)

With bright conversation
kept witty and light
they’d explore permutations
of topics through the night.

And then when the evening
so swiftly had past,
he’d be a gentleman,
and walk her at last

to her transportation
or her door, depending how they’d met,
and, without hesitation,
discuss without regret

of the great time he’d had
and she would agree.
Then he’d send her to bed
(just not too early).

And thank her sincerely
for her depth, style and grace,
and mention, most clearly,
he hoped to see her face

soon, rather than late.
And she’d reply, saying: *I can’t wait!”
That’s what a gentleman, and lady, would do
(at least if I were me, and you were you!)

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