Stood Up in a Ragtop: A Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

Before I sent ‘her’ this Haiku (she’d asked me to go to a Drive-In in Wallingford/Seattle) I wrote this:
I’ve never been invited to a first meetup
by a woman before.
(Nor a man, for that matter).
I would be foolish to say no.
If, after sitting in the car
(and we can sit topless in mine, if you prefer… if the sun is out),
you decide you like me, perhaps we can:

Wander through Wallingford,
staring at shops,
browsing books,
bending and pretending
we are erudite urbanites.
PS: What time?
(no rhyme).

Then, after she was a “no show” that Sunday morning, I wrote:

I guess suggesting/
going topless, after church,/
at Dick’s was too much.

When I sent ‘her’ this Haiku, I attached something else as well
I somehow thought you/
might enjoy this sad haiku/
I wrote about you.

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