On Being an Enthusiastic Passionistro: Romantic IMprov Poem

When you’re an enthusiastic passionisto,/
you throw/
your soul,/
and heart,/
and every part,/
toward that goal./
And when it’s rebuffed,/
or faulted, /
or criticized … /
you die.

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2 Responses to “On Being an Enthusiastic Passionistro: Romantic IMprov Poem”

  1. Andy Bonjour Says:

    Can you define an IMprov poem and a conTEXTing poem for me?

  2. cyranowriter Says:

    Thanks for dropping by.
    The ConTEXTing poetry discussion is found here:
    I guess I haven’t defined IMprov poetry yet, and I should (I thought I had).
    Basically, IM-prov is improvisational poetry written during an IM (instant message) discussion. In other words, you might be instant messaging with someone, and start to write something… and then the next line comes out in some sort of rhyme or something… and off you go. And then you cut and paste it and put it into your blog with MINOR modifications (for example, I take out the “Cyrano sez:” part at each line break, and I might change a word or two, and on rare occassion, even add some stuff.) But mostly I try to be true to the fact that it IS IMprov… once you write a line and click “Send”, you can’t go back and change the rhyme, or where you’re going with it.
    I’ve also had friends who will do it with me, where it is true IMprov… we’ll each do a line or two.
    Hope that helps!
    Ask more questions!

    PS: As far as I know, IMprov Poetry and ConTEXTing Poetry are terms I invented, but you’re welcome to use them. Just remember the source.

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