Kidless Father’s Day: A Revolutionary IMprov Email Poem and Video

A YouTube Posting Asked the Question (on Father’s Day): “What if you don’t have a father?”. So.. I asked, what if you’re a father whose kids ignore you? (you can see the YouTube video at:
What about Kidless Father’s Day?

Everyone talks about Father-less Day.
Maybe your dad’s died
or gone away.
Maybe he’s a deadbeat
out on some street.

Maybe he drank so much
you had no food to eat.
Or maybe, through some tragedy, sad,
you just ended up
with no Dad.

But what of the Dads
who toiled and sweated,
but their kids got mad,
so the Dad’s get forgetted?

(You can tell I read
a lot of Dr. Seuss!
It’s stuck in my head!
I can’t shake it loose!)

The dads who were
always there for events
whether far, or near,
they always drove, and went?

What of the dads who
worked every day?
And with their own hard labor
eased your way?

Put a roof over your head,
shoes on your feet,
made sure you were fed,
with good stuff to eat.

Basically those super dads who,
(as best they could)
tried really hard to
make your life good?

Then, somewhere in their life’s a mistake.
They didn’t beat you, your sibs or mom,
no eye blackened, no bones break.
BUT they did something dumb.

And you leave.
Though they’re a mile away,
they grieve,
’cause you’ve got nothing to say.

Nothing to say
to the guy who, for years,
coached you, read to you,
loved away your tears.

Who knows he made
a huge mistake.
One that caused
his kids’ hearts to break.

But that was years ago,
and though the achings’ not through,
and the healing is slow,
despite all he can do,

You’ll not forgive him,
not give him a smile,
even on “his” day,
though it’s been quite a while.

Sure, he should be punished!
And when you are through,
you can ask yourself,
“what good did it do?”

Yes, it made him cry,
made him sad.
Because he knew why.
But did it make you glad?

Those of you who
are punishing your dad,
you need to know,
yeah, you’ve made your dad sad.

You need to hear
though Father(less) Day is bad luck
a kidless Father’s Day

But now that you’ve slammed your Pop,
When are you finally going to stop?

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One Response to “Kidless Father’s Day: A Revolutionary IMprov Email Poem and Video”

  1. smoke signals Says:

    forgiving our fathers
    by dick lourie

    maybe in a dream: he’s in your power
    you twist his arm but you’re not sure it was
    he that stole your money you feel calmer
    and you decide to let him go free

    or he’s the one (as in a dream of mine)
    I must pull from the water but I never
    knew it or wouldn’t have done it until
    I saw the street-theater play so close up
    I was moved to actions I’d never before taken

    maybe for leaving us too often or
    forever when we were little maybe
    for scaring us with unexpected rage
    or making us nervous because there seemed
    never to be any rage there at all

    for marrying or not marrying our mothers
    for divorcing or not divorcing our mothers
    and shall we forgive them for their excesses
    of warmth or coldness shall we forgive them

    for pushing or leaning for shutting doors
    for speaking only through layers of cloth
    or never speaking or never being silent

    in our age or in theirs or in their deaths
    saying it to them or not saying it –
    if we forgive our fathers what is left

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