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Not My Daughter’s Memory of Me: A Romantic IMbic Sonnet

March 12, 2009

A guy who cares is better than funny;
unique, memorable, even special, maybe.
So… how does your daughter
remember me?

Do you go to bed
all twitterpatted?
With a grin on your face
that looks .. out of place?

With a gleam in your eye?
And a long, tender sigh
when you’re done IMing me?
Is that what she sees?

Is that how she
remembers me?


The Meaning of Weaning: A ConTEXTing Romantic Poem

March 11, 2009

She needed 2 b weaned./
I knew what she meaned./
No phone calls, IMs/
or texts 2 b seen./

It shouldn’t hurt/
like I got reamed/
in the spleen./
But it does.

Restraint Leftovers: Burrito vs. Veggie Wrap – a Revolutionary Sonnet

March 10, 2009

My grande burrito
Was not finito!
But she said we had to so go
Because I was too slow!

And later on,
(having missed the Flan`),
her veggie wrap
tasted like crap.

Not nearly as sweet,
nor the promised meet treat,
that she
said it honey wood bee.

So I’ve made this firm resolution:
When the burrito is started, get done!

Seattle Library Blues Fuse: A Revolutionary IMprov Poem

March 9, 2009

I was trying out some reading room space
for a change of pace
from the suburban Eastside boredom
ho hum.

A critically-acclaimed edifice
But I have to wonder: What’s the fuss?
I think that you shall not see
me again at the Seattle Public Library! 10th Floor Reading Room Seattle Public Library
The connections are slow!
And where does one go
for computer power plug in?
It seems a technological sin
to have reading cubes
where you have to be rude;
get in someone’s face
’cause there’s four outlets in the place!

What were they thinking?
Were the planners all drinking?
If you’re going to flaunt technology
have enough power for he, she, us, them, me!

No, I do not think you’ll see me
Again at the Seattle Library.

Upon observing the road taken: a Revolutionary conTEXTing poem

March 9, 2009

When the Frost/
had melted/
and she noticed/
where she stood,/
looked back,/
viewed the wood,/
she smiled. Where she was,/
was good.

The morning after viewed in an mirror: a revolutionary conTEXTing poem

March 8, 2009

How does the mirror appear 2day?/
Cracked? Spotted? Old stained silver grey?/
or do u/
look @ u/
and see thru/
and comprehend anew/
a grander and more complete view?!

Ah, Spring! To be Twitter-pated! A romantic sonnet

March 5, 2009

I never knew
how much I’d hate it
when it came into view
that she was Twitterpated.

Being the social media guru
I of course encouraged it!
And so she went through
LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebooked!

Through the Blog-o-sphere
off she ran,
until she found someone more dear
than I am.

And now she found she’s again someone’s sweet;
and get’s caressed by his hourly Tweet.

Getting hugs we need: A revolutionary IMprov sonnet

March 4, 2009

An eternal question: Why is it so much easier to get the hugs we want than the hugs we need?

The hugs we want
come from our greed;
which is more easily seen
than the hidden what we need.

Our greed is exposed
with a yell and a shout:
“Give me something NOW!
I can’t do without!”

But the need doesn’t show;
it in our shadow resides.
And even friends don’t know
what we choose to hide.

But sometimes someone with vision and clarity
hugs us, seeing what we’re afraid for them to see.

On waiting for an IM: a Romantic IMprov Poem

March 3, 2009

I wonder if Columbus felt this way,
with the dawn of every bright new day.
Did he rejoice at something new to be uncovered?
Some virgin, uncharted territory to be discovered?
Or I wonder if he got tired of waiting;
grew weary of antici…

Innocent Defenseless Territories: A Romantic Email Prologue and Limerick

March 2, 2009

She said that the beauty
of my poetry
touched uncharted territories
of innocence
with no defense…

So, with a sigh
replied I and I:

“Then I shant write any more poetry
for thee!
I reject the type of violence
that takes advantage of the innocence
by opening up uncharted, defenseless territories.”