Returning Again to Where You’d Lain: A Romantic IMbic IMprov Poem

I want to tell you a story
of late night glory,
and dew,
and me
and you.

It was an experience
wonderful and strange!
I did it more than once:
Returning again
to where you’d lain.

I could scarcely contain
my curiousity
to see if I could tell
where the fruits of our amourosity

And, once I did,
could not contain, again,
myself, and on I sped;
would not refrain,
but exploded in memoric,
By myself,
in my room,
where you’d lain
at night.


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One Response to “Returning Again to Where You’d Lain: A Romantic IMbic IMprov Poem”

  1. Mi Says:

    My toothbrush rests her head against yours/
    until I pluck it out of the holder/
    2 brush alone./
    minutes later/
    they are entwined until morning/
    while I head 2 bed/
    alone with memories of u

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