Waiting 4 U 2 IM: A Revolutionary IMprov IMbic sonnet

I stare at the screen
for you to say

For you to finish
for the light
to turn green.

Sentences, phrases, a word
that say
how you feel about
now, this second, last hour, today.

But the blinking words on the IM screen
just keep saying “typing”, “typing”, “typing”.

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2 Responses to “Waiting 4 U 2 IM: A Revolutionary IMprov IMbic sonnet”

  1. .s Says:

    IM…yes. It’s impressive how much power a few pixels and a little bit of code can have over us. Like a big door scratched out of an invisible wall, half opened, and we can’t see to the other side. We want to peek around the door to find out what expression is over there…is anyone there? Are they thinking, frowning, smiling? Typing? Walking away? Waiting? Bored?

    Then the green light goes back on along and comes the mad scramble to quickly, instantly, perfectly respond. And now the door isn’t in the way…it’s our own scrambled minds searching for words that don’t want to come…neither instantly or perfectly. So slowly and imperfectly will have to do. We hit “return” and start it all over again. Funny for that button to be called “return” when it takes us somewhere we haven’t been in the first place.

    Nice poem, Dave.

  2. cyranowriter Says:

    I love the last line — returning to a place we’ve never been before.

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