80/20 Rule: a Revolutionary Sonnet

The 80/20 rule
of business, also applies
when speaking of relationships
between people: girls and guys.

Why do I spend 80 percent
of my time on 20 percent of folk
who don’t like me, never will, and
who think my world’s a joke?

And I toss my remaining 20
percent to those who think I’m grand;
To those who really love me!
I don’t quite understand.

From now on, I’m spending most of my time
on those who suppose that Dave is sublime!

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2 Responses to “80/20 Rule: a Revolutionary Sonnet”

  1. Sandra Jones Says:

    ‘Tis funning how we can turn the world sunnyside up with discoveries like the 80/10 rule! Congrats on your “I got it!” cleverly expressed and enthusiastically applied.

    Sandra J.

  2. Amy Woidtke Says:

    Well said!

    Obviously, you have found the right crowd of people to hang out with now 😉

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