What if God is a Jazz Musician?

Back in high school I read a science report that stated that radio waves coming from Pulsars, Quarks, and other astrological entities portrayed very sophisticated Jazz beats and rhythms. I wrote a poem, then, which I can’t find… but this is a rewrite that still asks the same question.

The Quasars
and Pulsars
from dying sparks
of Quarks
playing in the dark
form bang, bang,
do wop, bang
and be bop bang
syncopated rhymes
in do wop, bang re bop
three-quarter time
on radio
do whop bang discs
in bang bang do whop bang Puerto
and New Mex
So …
What if God
bang bang do whop bang
IS a Jazz Musician?
the Universe
Is His Big


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One Response to “What if God is a Jazz Musician?”

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